ContractorTools on Protractor Podcast

Joel Grasmeyer, the co-founder of ContractorTools was recently interviewed on the Protractor Podcast. In this conversation he shared: 5 common issues that face contractors and how to solve them. How to put together a $40,000 bathroom remodeling estimate in less than 10 minutes and have it in the hands ... Read More

Checklist for Texas Contractors

The following is a re-post of an article by Gary Moselle of the Craftsman Book Company: Checklist for Texas Contractors By Gary Moselle As I write this, Hurricane Harvey is camped on the Texas coast, dumping rain that will be measured in feet rather than inches. More than 200,000 ... Read More

The Chicken and the Egg

The chicken and the egg parable comes in handy in describing a lot of the problems we deal with in attempting to operate and grow a construction business. To make more money, I need to turn more business. But in order to turn more business, I need more people to ... Read More

ContractorTools and QuickBooks

Sometimes we have the opportunity to work with people who are just starting a contracting business, and they will ask us: Do I need to use QuickBooks with ContractorTools? You don’t have to use QuickBooks with ContractorTools right away, but once the money starts coming in and going out, ... Read More

Our Philosophy

The design of ContractorTools incorporates two basic philosophies: "Systematize" to improve efficiency, control and profit, and "Documentation and Communication" to improve your customer relationships. What does "systematize" mean? It means, rather than doing everything as though it is the first time you did it, you decide what is the best ... Read More