Managing Markups

"Markup" is the amount that you add to the cost of materials, labor, subcontracts, equipment, and other costs that go into a construction job. If you do not add markup to your costs, then you will be working for free, and you will go out of business. So, markup is ... Read More

Documents and Document Templates

ContractorTools allows you to create "templates" for documents. Document templates tell the program what information you want to include in the document, and how you want it to be formatted. The document template also allows you to set the title that appears at the top of the document. You can ... Read More

Item Groups In ContractorTools

Many ContractorTools users have been using our first app called "Construction Cost Estimator". If you have been using Construction Cost Estimator, you will be familiar with the Phases, Areas, and Cost Categories that it uses, and you may want to know how to use ContractorTools in the same way. While ... Read More

Importing Into ContractorTools

You can import estimate data into ContractorTools from spreadsheets. Estimate data can be imported into job estimates, job template estimates, or custom costbooks. Importing From A SpreadSheet Here are the steps to import estimate data into ContractorTools: Go to the Items screen within an estimate (job or job template) or ... Read More


Employees will have multiple functions in future versions of ContractorTools, but for now the function of employees is to allow you to indicate which members of your company should appear as signatories on estimate or contract documents. To select document signatories, tap on the Signature icon in the lower left ... Read More

Job Templates

When you create a job in ContractorTools, you must select a Job Template to copy from. ContractorTools comes with 5 sample job templates. You can use these as-is, modify them, or create any number of your own job templates. Job Templates can contain all of the information that make up ... Read More

Custom Costbooks

Custom Costbooks allow you to store lists of estimate cost items that you can use when creating estimates. To copy from a custom costbook, tap the + button in the Estimate Items screen to add an estimate item, then select "From A Costbook" in the New Item screen. Select your custom ... Read More

Craftsman Costbooks

Craftsman Costbooks are lists of construction cost items that you can copy from to create estimates in ContractorTools. The cost data in Craftsman Costbooks is provided by the Craftsman book company and is available as an optional additional subscription service in ContractorTools. You can view the contents of the Craftsman ... Read More

Jobs In ContractorTools

ContractorTools organizes information about projects for customers in "Jobs". Each Job has a Customer and a Job Site. Customers can have any number of jobs. Tap "Jobs" in the Home screen to view the list of jobs: The Jobs screen has the following functions: < Home ~ Tap home to go ... Read More

Customers in ContractorTools

ContractorTools allows you to maintain a list of your customers. Each customer can have any number of jobs and job sites. You can add to your list of customers by copying from your list of contacts on your iPhone or iPad, or by importing them from QuickBooks Online. Tap "Customers" ... Read More

ContractorTools Home Screen

The ContractorTools home screen displays a list of menu options: The Companies button allows you to add and switch between multiple companies. Each company is stored in a separate database, with a separate name, logo, address, and has separate customers and jobs. This allows you to use ContractorTools to operate ... Read More

QuickBooks Syncing

ContractorTools can be set up to synchronize data with QuickBooks Online. This allows you to use ContractorTools for construction specific functions, and QuickBooks for general business accounting functions, without ever having to enter data twice. How Does ContractorTools Sync With QuickBooks? ContractorTools’ integration with QuickBooks is very simple, and it ... Read More

ContractorTools Tax Setup

Tax Management in ContractorTools This is a discussion about how to manage taxes in ContractorTools. ContractorTools implements a “global tax model”. This means ContractorTools is designed to manage taxes in all locations in all countries. You may find that some features of ContractorTools tax management are not necessary for your ... Read More

Our Philosophy

The design of ContractorTools incorporates two basic philosophies: "Systematize" to improve efficiency, control and profit, and "Documentation and Communication" to improve your customer relationships. What does "systematize" mean? It means, rather than doing everything as though it is the first time you did it, you decide what is the best ... Read More